Let’s start a conversation so you can get to know more about working with me and my process. I want to learn about you and your goals as well as your frustrations – it’s a great way to know if we are a good fit for each other.

With over 10 years of experience as a business coach, consultant and trusted advisor, and another 30 years of hands-on business leadership, I will help you achieve greater control of your business resulting in better financial results. That’s made possible because I’ll discipline you to be equally skilled at strategic planning and tactical execution.

Ask yourself: Do you want to...

  • Grow your business profitably, working towards financial independence?
  • Provide a positive work environment for your employees?
  • Achieve better work-life balance and feel more satisfaction with both?
  • Know that you’re moving forward intentionally, not spinning your wheels?
  • Be able to walk away from the business, for a day or forever?
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and de-motivated?

But you find you have one or more of these problems...

  • You work way too hard for the results you achieve.
  • Your time is often hijacked by distractions and “urgent” needs.
  • You don’t make the time to step back and plan for the future.
  • You deal with challenges common to a small business with limited options to delegate.
  • You can’t seem to dependably recruit, retain or develop qualified employees.
  • You feel vulnerable in your business in a way that you can’t express to anyone.

When it’s time to build your roadmap for success, I’ll help you elevate your game to a “30,000 foot” view of your business. Then, with a plan in place, we’ll move into the “weeds” together to get things done.

To win this game, you have to comfortably operate at both the current and future states of your business. You must address new challenges with fresh ideas and “pivot” your strategy. I’ll be there to make sure that when you get stuck in your business, you have a helping hand to get unstuck from the business quicksand.

Learn more about How We Work

  • Peer Group Advisors and Will Shain are light years ahead in coaching us than the last company that came in to help with our business planning! The future has never looked better.
    Matt Arguin, South Coast Kitchen Designs, Carver, MA
  • I highly recommend that you consider talking to Will Shain about business coaching and advisory services. A great deal of my enthusiasm stems from the guidance and accountability that is driven by my coach. After working with Will for more than 5...
    Barry Crimmins, Law Offices of Barry R. Crimmins, P.C., (land use and estate planning), Stoughton/Falmouth, MA
  • I enjoyed working with Will for nine years as I built my company with the goal of exiting my business one day. His coaching approach and wealth of knowledge helped me to plan personal and business goals and set direction. The advice and counsel...
    Mark Reilly, South Shore Equine Clinic and Diagnostic Center, Plympton, MA
  • I’ve worked with Peer Group Advisors for more than 3 years and began realizing substantial strides within the first few months of the engagement. Organizing and growing my business and clearly defining our mission, vision and values, are keys to...
    Deborah Campbell, Campbell Financial Services, Plymouth, MA
  • The idea of meeting with a business coach greatly appealed to me right from the start. Now that I have worked with Will for 10 years, I can report that it is time well spent. My books have never looked better since I started the continuing process...
    Dave Austin, Lift & Care Systems (medical products distribution), Lakeville, MA
  • When I decided to work with Will, I had been in the market looking for a business coach for over 2 years. No other coach had motivated me to take the next step. We met when Will gave a presentation on driving accountability in organizations to my...
    Amy Prigmore, New England Electropolishing, Fall River, MA
  • I can attest to the power of Will’s coaching having worked with him for over 5 years. In my one-on-one coaching sessions, it’s almost like therapy to be re-focused, committed to driving accountability in my organization and not wanting to...
    Catherine Lapsley, Condon & Lapsley LLC (CPA firm), Plymouth, MA
  • Will Shain demonstrates professionalism, leadership, diligence and humanity with every action he takes on our behalf. He inspires us to achieve our objectives. Will understands how to establish an effective collaboration, playing to the strengths...
    Marc Leger, Ph.D., Owner/Consultant, Salthill Solutions, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • What I appreciated most about working with Will was being challenged to answer some very difficult questions about my company and me personally.  We all have blind spots, but to identify them and to work through them was invaluable.  There was...
    Kevin O’Keefe, Brabo Benefits (employee benefits), Plymouth, MA
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Will Shain HeadshotBuilding personal connections and meaningful relationships with my clients is my goal. You’re not on a “normal” 9-5 schedule. Neither am I. I’ll make time for you when and where you need it. Schedule a free coaching session so we can both learn more about each other and decide if we would be a good fit. Simply submit a contact form or call or email me directly. I look forward to getting to know you.

Learn more About Will

Invite me to speak at your next business function. Recent presentations included “Driving Accountability in your Organization”, “The Strategy behind Strategic Planning”, and “Achieving Business Success through Organizational Alignment”.  Do you have a topic of interest for your next business meeting?