• Taking People Places is a group of very diverse human service agencies who all wanted to work to increase transportation options in the Plymouth area for our various constituents.
  • Will coached this heterogeneous group to work cohesively as a team on this common problem. He brought in skills and knowledge that provided organization and structure where there was none before. He was able to facilitate difficult conversations as the group developed and has been steadfast in his support.  Will has an innate ability to help each member’s voice be heard while keeping the group focused on the task at hand. His knowledge of systems and organizations, his unshakeable commitment to the group, and his strong interpersonal skills were all instrumental in our ability to achieve non-profit status which will allow TPP to continue to grow and help more people in need.
  • TPP Board of Directors/ Non-profit transportation corporation

Case Study: Founding of a New Non-Profit Service Organization


A group of non-profit, social service agencies with the support of their elected Massachusetts State legislators came together to explore the possibility of a new transportation option for seniors and differently able individuals. They were not making significant progress in their effort and agreed with the local Chamber of Commerce to find a skilled meeting facilitator to establish a focus and put them on a track of accountability.


  • Facilitate meetings with a purpose and endpoint in mind.
  • Coach a diverse group of professionals to act as one in the planning and implementation of a new transportation model for Plymouth County.
  • Keep the group on track to come to a Go/No Go decision as quickly as possible.


  • Meeting facilitation.
  • Organizational planning.
  • Effective communications in meetings, in written minutes and with all stakeholders.


  • Establish a cadence in meetings that recognized the volunteer nature of the endeavor and kept everyone on task.
  • Create an organizational structure to guide a volunteer Board of Directors who all had full-time positions with their respective agencies.
  • Coach through to a strategic plan that would lead to the desired outcomes.
  • Coach the effort to build a financially viable business model with policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a high level of clear, reliable communications with committee members, state representatives, rideshare industry representatives, and other interested parties.
  • Launch a pilot transportation program to test program feasibility.


  • Teamed with volunteers to create a committed volunteer Board of Directors and Financial Administrator.
  • Negotiated an operating agreement with the corporate rideshare legal team.
  • Completed a successful, one-year pilot transportation program.
  • Launched the new Taking People Places, Inc. in 2020.
  • Awarded 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the IRS in 2022.
  • Established an on-going fund-raising capability in the organization through state and federal grants and private donations.
  • Implemented a grant-writing capability to private foundations.
  • Presented the program upon request from the Commissioner of the Department of Developmental Services at the Massachusetts State House in 2021.
  • Named President of TPP in 2022.

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