• Will was always available to help me address challenges in my business that had a long history, complicated by a difficult relationship with my partner.
  • I assumed half ownership in the business when my father passed away. I was faced with many business challenges that were complicated by a difficult relationship with the surviving business partner. I was just the “kid who grew up in the business” to him, Will coached me through the mine fields that threatened to weaken my vision and core values. He advised me when I needed it even if it was outside of our formal coaching sessions. By helping me to better understand who I was, what I wanted to achieve and how to manage through divisive negotiations to buy out my partner, I see and feel the culture of my company changing for the best. The current turnaround of the business often keeps me focused on today, but my vision for the next 10 years remains strong and achievable for myself, my business, and the well-being of my family.
  • CEO / Owner

Case Study: Partner Buyout of Established and Diversified Business


A 4th generation business with the son assuming a 50% ownership upon the death of his father. Despite 20 years of experience in the business, relations with the surviving partner were acrimonious and contributed to organizational dysfunction.

The Client needed someone in his corner to guide him in leadership, organizational restructuring, developing a senior management team, and counsel through the acquisition negotiations that lasted for more than one year.


  • Advice and counsel in development of an acquisition plan to buy out the partner.
  • Establish a reorganizational plan to turn around operational profitability.
  • Formalize the HR function in the company.
  • Fill gaps in operational leadership.
  • Create a core senior leadership team.
  • Create a strategic plan to guide future growth.


  • On-going, executive coaching tailored to the specific needs of the client.
  • Advice and counsel during the purchase-and-sale negotiations with the partner.
  • Hiring a fractional HR Manager to set up a formal HR process in the company.
  • Coaching key employees.
  • Strategic planning and budget forecasting for a visionary view of the business.


  • Formally coach the young CEO in a hybrid model of on-site and virtual sessions.
  • Use of the triadic coaching system to focus the team on issues, not personalities.
  • Identify and act on organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Establish a goals-oriented culture.
  • Restructure the organization to create a company-wide COO reporting to the CEO.
  • Introduce best practices to strengthen the CEO’s skills and behaviors.


  • 100% ownership and leadership.
  • Uniform HR policies and procedures with full-time HR Manager.
  • New COO in true “second-in-command” mode.
  • Control of “the books” with Corporate Controller.
  • New and current employees assumed greater responsibility and reduced daily “drama”.
  • Identified additional gaps in the business model that drive strategic planning today.

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