coaching services

How I work

As a triadic coach I know that to be effective, "It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s about the problem”. Great teams focus on the problem, the solution follows.

My Coaching Philosophy

My business coaching is a multifaceted discipline that offers a wide range of services designed to help organizations and their leaders achieve success. By leveraging my expertise as a skilled business coach, companies can develop the strategies, skills, and mindsets needed to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape and drive sustainable growth.

I’m a triadic coach. I focus my clients on the problems, not who to blame. I’m a hands-on coach, planning for the long haul, focused on the solution, and willing to get down in the weeds with my “coachee”.

Great executive coaches ask the right questions. I also offer practical ideas that will awaken your creativity.

My Working Process

The process I follow is often referred to by others as “The 4 Stages of Executive Coaching”, but to keep it simple, I refer to the process as the 4A’s coaching model.

awareness, analysis, action, achievement

“A lot of people notice when you succeed, but they don’t see what it takes to get there.”
Dawn Staley, American basketball Hall of Fame player and coach

My Coaching Agreement

The agreement is open-ended and set up as an affordable monthly retainer with a term of 30 days. I don’t favor long-term contracts because I believe that I have to earn your trust and commitment and deliver value to you as the Owner, CEO, President, or Managing Director every month. I ask my clients for 30-days notice of their intent to leave. No strings attached. I think that is why my engagements can last as long as 10 years. When I evolve from coach/consultant to trusted business advisor, I become an indispensable member of your team.

How I Help

I am available to meet the schedule and expectations of my clients. I help them manage their frustrations and re-motivate themselves to achieve the intended results.

My clients know that they can reach out to me at any other time including after-hours and weekends as new challenges and opportunities confront them. Sometimes, you just need someone to bounce new ideas off. Because I engage with a limited number of clients at any point in time, I can offer a commitment to spontaneity that leaders value as their businesses are challenged with new opportunities and threats.

Ask me to take you through triadic coaching in an introductory session.

climbing the stairs of great ideas

Let’s start a conversation so you can get to know more about working with me and my process. I want to learn about you and your goals as well as your frustrations – it’s a great way to know if we are a good fit for each other.