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Our mission is to strengthen the resilience and economic health of the businesses that we work with. Our executive clients will develop a broad-based knowledge and understanding of ethical concepts and sound business practices, decision-making and leadership behaviors, and will understand the meaning and responsibilities associated with owning a business for themselves, their families and their employees.

Meet Will Shain

I’m a coach, consultant and advisor to small businesses. A husband, father and grandfather to a family that stretches from the east coast to the Midwest. I’m a part-time President to a fast-growing, non-profit transportation corporation serving seniors and differently able individuals, a community college trustee, avid community volunteer, a food nut, a dabbler in single malt whisky, and a devoted believer in lifelong learning. As a veteran executive in Fortune 500, startup ventures and small private businesses, I identify with the challenges of creating and optimizing business operations and profits, large or small. My clients consider me their “Chief Accountability Officer”.

I spent 30 years of my career working for others in R&D, Sales, Marketing and Executive Management as a Research Associate, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing and CEO. I became a full-time business coach and consultant in 2012 and have applied my formal education in science and technology to build a sustainable business that serves others. Just as I advise my clients, I built my business around the alignment of my personal vision with my business vision.

My passion is living and working in Plymouth, Massachusetts, known by many as “America’s Hometown”. Every day is an inspiration living in a town of historical proportions with many who share the lineage of the native Wampanoag and immigrant Pilgrims. It motivates me and contributes to my creativity that I apply to my clients. I encourage my clients to find their inspiration to energize themselves through the ups-and-downs of building businesses whether that involves managing the daily grind, engaging in mergers and acquisitions or planning their exit strategy.

The bottom line is that I have empathy for the business entrepreneur who leaves a full-time paycheck with benefits to start up a new venture without a “net”. That takes a special kind of person who, along the way, needs sound business advice and counsel. As the organization evolves, my skill sets adapt to the business goals of organizational growth, staff development and CEO leadership. Along the way, I’ll make you a better leader. If you are the leader in your organization, we should talk.

I see possibilities and thrive on working with my clients to consider them all

  • Will Shain - Business Coach, Consultant and Trusted Advisor
  • "There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet."
  • - William Butler Yeats

Let’s start a conversation so you can get to know more about working with me and my process. I want to learn about you and your goals as well as your frustrations – it’s a great way to know if we are a good fit for each other.